Annual Report

Annual Report 2014-2015

Dear friends,

Greetings, I have great pleasure to present our Society’s Annual Report for 2014-2015 to the August presence of our General Body Members. SHARE has been involved in many development projects in the past years and the service of SHARE is being undertaken for the benefit of the needy and poor especially for women and children in Vellore District and Dindigul District villages. The committed members, Staff team along with the able guidance of our consultants and Advisors, SHARE has been extending its developmental work by giving priority for the need based services towards reaching the unreached to fulfill the objectives and goal.

During the report period, many programmes and activities have been carried out in the line of Awareness, Income Generation program, vocational training and other need based welfare activities. The brief report is given below about each activity under various projects.


With the support of FTM project Awareness campaign on prevention of Abuse of women and children was organized in 4 Panchayat villages of Kaniyambadi Block. Around 163 participants were there. The local village women were encouraged to be aware of any such incidents happened against women and children in the respective areas. Their role and responsibilities were also discussed.

Similar programmes were conducted for the benefit of Adolescent groups in the Middle School for 11 villages and around 274 girl students took part.


There are two children are being benefitted in Dindigul project villages one in Sirumalai Hills another in Vedapatti. Divya jeno and Ajith are the participants of the project. This specific focused project is sponsored by FTM. Ajith is admitted in ITI training after his 10th Grade. Divya is admitted Our lady of Lourds Girls Hr. Sec. School studying 10th Grade in Begambur, Dindigul. Both children are belonging to poor family background.

Beside this, there are four children are being supported by SHARE in Sirumali Hills.


In Dindigul project area mobile service, tailoring, terracotta, vocational trainings were organized. In Vellore area Palm leaf, computer training were conducted for the benefit of young women and men who needs skills for the lively hood. The two phase of vocational training covers 90 needy young women and men. These programmers sponsored by FTM.


Moderation skills for better management, communication and co-operation, Leadership trainings have been organized for the betterment of women members and staff team. Vellore area members had an opportunity to participate in the programme. These programmes helped 120 men and women in the villages.


Village protection groups which were organized for extending support services to the women, girls and children in the direction of safe mobility. The committee members of these groups were given capacity building training for helping their community members whenever they are in need. 40 persons got benefited.


The students from Voorhees College, VIT University, College of Nursing Christian Medical College, NIFT College visited SHARE and they did their placement work and visit to learn through various training programmes. This has been Exposure visit for them to learn and share.


In the service area villages the community members were motivated to have small programs for creating awareness on Fairtrade. Celebration on Fair Trade Day was observed in SHARE in 2015 May. ECO- FRIENDLY PROMOTION programme was organized with Children specific programme, Drawing Competition, Essay writing, Debate were organized. Guest speakers and Resource persons were there from School, Govt. and NGOs. Awareness on Fair Trade Seminar was held at SHARE premises and many artisans and women SHG members took part. Selected winners for the competitions were given prizes and certificates.10 standards of Fair trade principles were explained; Dr.K.Murugesan was in the chair.


In order to motivate village SHG women to cook Nutrition food for children, four panchayat level programmes and one Block level programme were organized. Around 90 women took part and winners were given attractive prizes. Sathumadurai, Nelvoy, Vallam, Palampakkam, Kaniyambadi, Thuthikadu, Kathzhampet, Veppampet, Kilarasampet, Mothakkal, Kammavanpet, Kilpallipet, Mottupalayam, Kammasamudram, Munjurpet, Kattuputhur, Solavaram and Adukkamparai area women were benefited.


There were three school programmes held in Vellore and Dindigul. In Vellore Kaniyambadi Pudur village school was selected and with the active participation of local boys and girls school premises was cleaned. Around 25 members took part and the village president encouraged the team members.
In Dindigul there were two programmes one in Sirumalai Hills pudur village school and another one in Nallampatti village schools. The local school teachers and village leaders took part in the programme. All together 90 school children participated and carried environment related messages to their homes.


SHARE served as Non conventional energy committee at the District level, District level Employment office committee and DSMS committee for the benefit of Vellore District needy people. On behalf of SHARE there was a participation in FTF- India workshop and GB meeting, took part in SIPA’s programme.


3 study centres in the Dindigul project area have been functioning with the supervision and support of area Women members, youth, community organizers and this activity has been a boon for poor school going children who needs special attention not only in their studies but also caring their health. Their involvement has been there in community development work such as Tree saplings Planting, Street Cleaning and take care of environment and Sanitation. Parents meetings, cultural programmes, Health awareness are the key concentration and around 130 children are being benefited. Children performance both studies and extra curricular activities are being appreciated by the teachers and the parents. The special Nutrition based education and awareness is being given for the benefit of the target children. The library programme for children has been doing well. The three study centres are functioning in Kaveri Nagar, Anna Nagar and Sirumalai Pudur respectively. More than 100 children are being benefited.


There was a motivation camp for Handicraft artisans in the line of quality, use of appropriate technology, designing, keeping the delivery schedule and raw material procurement. These participants were motivated to be aware of ten principles of Fair Trade. Attractive prizes were distributed for their better performance in production and innovative designs. Poocharam also joined the programme. 75 artisans took part and benefited.


Many Dignitaries and Well Wishers visited SHARE and appreciated the programmes and activities for the poor especially women & children.
Many more visitors from Government and other friends paid a visit to SHARE which has given us motivation and encouragement towards our direction to lead the project.


International Womens Day, May Day, Fair Trade Day, Independence Day, Republic Day, Gandhi Jeyanthi, Dr. Ambethkar Birth Day, were celebrated at the SHARE premises and in the villages both in Vellore and Dindigul project. During the Women’s Day Women Leaders were recognized and honored. In order to promote Environment importance all the participants were given tree saplings.


In order to create a platform for need based interactions related to vocational trainings, self employment opportunities and mobilization of the necessary financial assistance, there were two Network meetings were organized for the benefit of trained men and women in Dindigul centre as well as in Vellore centre. Around 90 participants took part and got benefited. These stakeholders interactions enabled the new trainees to know and to understand the importance of literacy and regular income.


We the SHARE family, extends our gratitude and thanks to all who have helped us for the successful implementation of the programmes and activities meant for poor in the service area. We are very thankful to State and Central Government, Nationalized Banks, NGOs and other International agencies. We would not have achieved the desired results for the betterment of the targeted community without the guidance and support of our beloved advisors. We extend our special thanks to our committed staff team, frontline leaders and friends. On behalf of SHARE, we extend our thanks to each and everybody for their kind co-operation and support for successful venture.