Awards for Entrepreneurship

As we all know, a Nation is judged neither by its military force, economic strength nor by the splendour of its infrastructural facilities but by the progress of its women.

SHARE- Self Help Association for Rural Education and Employment, a non – profit body working in Kaniyambadi Block of Vellore District for the upliftment of poor Rural women and children with special emphasis on Dalits, Tribals and the under –privileged. It has established 800 Self Help Groups catering to a population of 1,20,000 and impacting the lives of more than 10,000 women and their families.

The beauty of SHARE approach/ strategy lies in its three pronged approach of education, motivation and voluntary action. It is a people empowerment strategy/initiative where in participative approach is followed by involving women in production and marketing activities. By its novel approach, SHARE proved that people can be made self-reliant and responsible for their own sustainable development once their capacity is enhanced.

Another unique feature of their splendid work is their emphasis on establishing fair trade linkages for the members to further their business and at the same time making them practice ethics based business.

The Sujana Excellence Award to SHARE is for their excellent work, especially given the target segments of Dalits, Tribals and the underprivileged, they are doing and also the longevity and sustainability of the initiative. They deserve all the recognition/appreciation for equipping ordinary village women to shoulder the leadership responsibility.