Welcome to Share For Needy

"ஆணோ பெண்ணோ குழந்தை குழந்தைதான்"

"பிறக்கும் போதும் சமமாக நினைப்போம், 
வளர்க்கும் போதும் சமமாக நினைப்போம்"

SHARE was born in 1992 with the active support of the reputed Institution CHAD, Christian Medical College, Vellore and having the key aim of Development Focus on Empowerment towards change lives of the needy children, women and the disadvantaged in the local community where SHARE serves.

SHARE is of women, for women and by women. Why We the community women, Development workers and well wishers joined to-gather for initiating this organisation is for making difference for a better and fairer world towards a JUST society..

Children Programme

Evening Study Centres for Poor Children and Study centres programmes for school children


Women Self Help Group

Group Formation and Strengthening and Awareness motivation programmes


Programmes and Activities

Balwadi for Kids, Study center for school children, Awareness-Motivation programmes